With diversity and equality at the forefront of conversations about the labour market in recent years, these findings underline the benefit of fresh ideas at the top. Here is a look at some issues around equality and how the workplace should react to findings that suggest greater diversity is a driver of profit.
What can HR/Talent teams learn from the Product Management field as it tries to attract and retain the best talent?
Long gone are the days of 9-5 with the boss in the corner office and the team behind their desks. Today’s workforce is diverse in background, often with multiple specialities, working anywhere at any time.
Australia will feel the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown measures for years to come. As the economy recovers, there are many challenges and questions to face.
The next wave of business competition will be won by those who can rapidly implement effective remote practices to meet the demands of the market.
Never has there been more in your face proof that work sits at the core of who we are as people. That we took it for granted. That we’ve let it define us. Rightly or wrongly.
How’s your inbox these days? If it’s like mine, it’s recently become a playground for pretty much anyone I’ve ever had any online interaction with. When I say anyone, I mean B2C brands, and mainly ones that I barely remember.

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