Interview Training for Hiring Managers

Build a hiring culture and level up your hiring team's skills

Hiring Academy - interview training for hiring managers

Create Your Own Hiring Academy

Help your hiring teams feel confident to lead structured, effective interviews, create great candidate experiences, and make unbiased hiring decisions.

Because it doesn’t matter how good your branding, perks, and pay are, if hiring teams aren’t competent interviewers, then you’ll never reach consistent hiring success.

What is a" Hiring Academy"?

A Hiring Academy is an internal training course or set of standards that all of your hiring managers should complete prior to real-world interviewing.

By establishing a Hiring Academy at your company you ensure a consistent level of interviewing & hiring competency across your business.

This consistency builds a hiring culture and creates a clear standard for how hiring happens.

How does it work?

Goals of a Hiring Academy

Align everyone on your Hiring Team on what good looks like and your company’s approach to hiring.

Builds skills and confidence for hiring teams to lead structured, effective interviews, create great candidate experiences, and make unbiased hiring decisions.

Set expectations for hiring managers on how recruiting great people is a critical part of their job. Clear expectations of what each person on the Hiring Team needs to do as part of the process and how.

Every person has a role to play in growing the company, from the hiring manager selecting a new team member, to an employee referring a candidate, to a CEO setting the tone of how recruiting is important to the company hitting their goals. Embed hiring into your company’s “way of working” and make interviewing a skill that is part of your team’s DNA.

Give interviewing teams resources and templates to be able to apply their learning and continue to improve. Create a “source of truth” for how the hiring process works within your company.

Benefits of consistently training your Hiring Teams

Better hiring decisions

Provide hiring managers with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to make better, more informed decisions about which candidates to hire.

An expanded pool of interviewers

Spread the time burden that recruiting requires and avoid unnecessary bottlenecks caused by too few skilled interviewers being available.

Improved diversity across your teams

By learning how to identify and eliminate bias in the hiring process, hiring managers can help the company build a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Increased productivity

Properly trained hiring managers can save time and resources by more effectively filtering through candidates and identifying the best fit for the position.

Stronger employer brand

By ensuring that the hiring process is fair, effective, and bias-free, you can enhance your employer brand, attracting the best talent in the process.

Lower hiring costs

Having consistent messaging and candidate experiences helps the onboarding process become more efficient, the productivity of new hires increases and retention improves, resulting in cost savings on recruitment and employee turnover.

Staying legally compliant

Help hiring managers avoid discrimination in the hiring process and comply with legal requirements, reducing the risk of legal issues.

Make your hiring teams a competitive advantage

Only 39% of hiring managers feel they have the training and support they need to assess candidates. (Talent Board)

Only 34% of organisations provide training on how to avoid bias in the hiring process. (SHRM)

Only 45% of hiring managers had received training on how to conduct legally compliant interviews. (SHRM)

Businesses that invest in hiring see a 70% improvement in the quality of talent they recruit. (Glassdoor)

How Crew can help

We can provide you with everything you need to train and upskill your hiring teams, ensure consistent candidate experiences, and make smart hiring decisions.

With our training content and resources, we can help you build an effective Hiring Academy program specific to your company.

Example Documentation and Training Slides

Our Interview Training content consists of 4 x 2 hour virtual sessions. The sessions are a mix of theory and practice, and each session is interactive with the use of breakout rooms and Jamboards. We cover the following to help you get training started and have the best resources to continue the training:

  1. One day of discovery with main stakeholders
  2. Customisation of training sessions
  3. 4 x 2 hour live, virtual training sessions with participants
  4. Training Slide Decks & Notes provided
  5. Training Jamboard Templates provided

Resources to help team members remember the key learnings from the training.

  1. Interview Preparation Checklist
  2. List of Typical Candidate Questions for Interviewers
  3. Mitigating Bias Resource

All the templates needed for your Hiring Team to consistently interview, assess, and select the right candidates.

  1. Hiring Guide Templates
  2. Interview Guide Templates
  3. Feedback Form Templates
  4. Competency Questions Library
  5. Values Behaviours Questions Library
  6. Referral Program Policy and Process (if applicable)
  7. Internal Application Policy and Process (if applicable)
  8. ATS How to Guides for Hiring Managers, Interviewers, and All Employees

We’ll help you make your resources interactive by creating custom short form videos covering key training topics, example role plays to showcase skills in action, and ATS how to guides.

Hiring Decisions

You choose the customisation & support you need to get your Hiring Academy off the ground 🚀

  1. Standard Program:
    ”Off the shelf” training content and resources. 
  2. Customised Program:
    Incorporate your own values, hiring approach, and video how to’s on your ATS and process.
  3. Follow Up Support:
    Regular live training, coaching, and retros.

Frequently asked questions.

Pricing starts at $10k + GST for self paced training and standard documentation. Team sizes and requirements differ between organisations however, so book a call to discuss your needs.

From discovery to full handover is approximately 3 months including training sessions.

We work with companies of all sizes – anywhere from early-stage startups to large global companies.

Predominantly online, however in person training can be facilitated.

As many as you need however we’ve found that groups of up to 20 work best.

All the training and resources are developed by Crew specifically for you. We have a combined 20+ years of experience of coaching and training hiring teams within Technology businesses.

Ready to level up? Let's do this 💪

Hiring is always a team effort. So at Crew, we can become part of your crew.
We’re here to help you reach your hiring challenges, no matter how big or small.

Reach out to find out what we can achieve, together.

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