The way you’ve always hired is perfect for a world that no longer exists.

Traditional post and pray recruiting alone rarely attracts the best quality candidates. Our contemporary core services fuel client success.

Talent Delivery

Discovering your new team, side by side. It’s a Crew thing to do.

Project Recruiting

Project Recruiting – Secure your team for any challenge

Our Project Recruiting service is designed for clients who typically have a fixed number of vacancies. We’re happy to work onsite, offsite, or a combination of both for the duration. Fixed outcome for a fixed cost.

Embedded Talent Acquisition

Embedded Talent Acquisition – A crew that comes to you

Hiring is always a team effort. So at Crew, we become part of your crew. Our embedded service is perfect for businesses with larger hiring needs. If that’s the case, our Crew will swoop in to help fill your roles side by side. Full time or part-time for a minimum of three days a week at monthly rates.


Sourcing – You know what you need, let us do the grunt work

If you’re just time-poor and need some extra Crew power to make it work, just hand us the brief and we’ll combine forces to get the people power you need. If you already have an ATS, we can take charge of filling your pipelines. Just get in touch, and we’ll work through the market conditions to get you a fair quote.

Individual hires

Individual hires – Lets land you that winning hire

We occasionally work the more traditional way to find your new recruits, one by one. Our prices depend on the role you need filling and how the job market is performing at the time. We can sit in on interviews if needed, compile detailed notes about each applicant’s performance, and whittle down your shortlist until you know in your heart that you’re heading in the right direction.

Talent Strategy

talent strategy in melbourne

Business success relates to the quality of its people. Work gets done by people, so hiring the highest quality people should be on the leadership agenda.

Success lies in developing mature talent practices earlier than needed. Businesses with well-developed practices and cultures have a far better chance of success. We help clients ensure this alignment exists. Where necessary, we’ll also execute the tactical components of this strategy. Our engagements involve designing elements such as;

  • Employer branding.
  • Diversity hiring initiatives.
  • Leadership interview coaching.
  • Stack competitor analysis.
  • Brand assets such as Careers Pages
  • Process Automation.
  • HR Tech selection.
Best suited for businesses with a desire to move hiring from a cost centre to a profit centre. Pricing is based on agreed deliverables. Different options for post or pre-seed Start-Ups.

Regardless of where you are on your journey, we can help.

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You’ve got the great idea, you’ve got some funding and now you need the people. Everything is about finding and proving market fit whilst managing burn rate. Our start-up services let you do just that, whilst adding the skills you need to grow.

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You’ve found market fit and have paying customers, now it’s about growth. Now is the time to add some process and rigour around your talent capability. We make this manageable so you can keep building the things your customers need.

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Technology is constantly evolving. Digital transformation and embracing change can mean introducing new job types, skills and ways of working. We’ll help you embrace the new normal and set you up for success.

15 Minute Recruitment Consultant Chat

On our calls we like to discuss:

  • Any problems you might be having.
  • Ways to help you get the best results.
  • Show you some examples relevant to your business.
  • Answer all your questions. Ask us anything!

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