Talent consulting that is;
Best practice.
Safe hands.
Cost effective.
An extension of your team.

Our customers words. Not ours.

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The who and why.

At Crew we’re firm believers that you can’t make a great company without great people. We help technology-based companies by either hiring great people for them or by helping them get better at doing their own recruitment. 

Our expertise lies in delivering outcomes. We operate in todays contemporary technology arena with deep relationships across Product Management, UX/Product Design, Software Engineering, Data and DevOps.

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Regardless of where you are on your journey, we can help.

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You’ve got the great idea, you’ve got some funding and now you need the people. Everything is about finding and proving market fit whilst managing burn rate. Our start-up services let you do just that, whilst adding the skills you need to grow.

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You’ve found market fit and have paying customers, now it’s about growth. Now is the time to add some process and rigour around your talent capability. We make this manageable so you can keep building the things your customers need.

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Technology is constantly evolving. Digital transformation and embracing change can mean introducing new job types, skills and ways of working. We’ll help you embrace the new normal and set you up for success.

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We could talk about this stuff all day.

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