We’ve been fortunate enough to make some great friends along the way. We think these businesses are the best in their field at what they do, maybe you will to.


Hiring in the US

Meet DotConnect

Our partner business in the US is 100 people strong and built on the same foundations as Crew. We’ve buddied up on assignments, sharing market intel & insights.

Hiring in the US

Employee Benefits

Meet Pirkx

Getting employee benefits right in competitive talent markets is crucial. Pirkx could well be your game-changer in achieving this.

“Pirkx brings affordable wellbeing focussed employee benefits to everyone, because pirkx is for humans – regardless of employment basis. And the good news is that we’ve done it for a super low cost of $6 per person per month (or $66 a year), so that everyone can afford to look after the health and wellbeing of themselves and their families.”

Employee Benefits
absolute immigration

Immigration & VISAs

Meet Absolute immigration

Let’s face it, there’s an overall talent shortage in Australia. When you need guidance on how and why you should leverage overseas workers, Absolute Immigration is the team to talk to. 

“For over 20 years, Absolute Immigration has provided strategic immigration services, advice, and business solutions for both businesses and individuals including:

  • Customised immigration solutions for business sponsors
  • Full service inbound and outbound visa services
  • Australian & New Zealand business investment visas
  • Global mobility services
  • Immigration process outsourcing (IPO)
  • International police checks and clearances”
Immigration VISAs

Staff Expenses

Meet Budgetly

Remote teams, distributed teams and team members on the road; regardless of how your teams are structured, you need next-generation expense management tools.

“Budgetly is an Australian prepaid corporate card provider that takes the pain out of expense management – for everyone involved. Financial controllers use the Budgetly web application to eliminate time-consuming admin work and manage the entire expense process – all while empowering on-the-ground staff to easily access funds and pay for the things they need to do their jobs well.”

Staff Expenses
State of Talent Acquisition 2022

What will the new financial year look like, what factors will affect it, and just what will the market do?