Diversity and Inclusion

Why diversity first?

Round Pegs, Square Holes.

Technology businesses will always face new, unfamiliar & complex situations. Traditional thinking won’t solve these challenges, cognitive diversity will. This is why we believe that companies cannot truly thrive without a diverse, inclusive, engaged, and purpose-driven workforce.

We also believe that Diversity and Inclusion are not fads, buzzwords, or tick boxes but the way that work and life should really be. For everyone.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Approach

We look at this challenge through 3 intersecting lenses. Like a good old Venn diagram.


The way a company truly embraces Diversity and Inclusion on a day-to-day basis.


The way the company presents and shares its position on D&I to the outside world, with some marketing added 🙂


The seemingly small, tactical touchpoints that accumulate to deliver a hiring process that is focused on sourcing, engaging and including people from as many backgrounds, races, ethnicities or persuasions as possible.

Diversity Sourcing

Crew takes a D&I first approach to the entire hiring process. From the places we source candidates from, to the communities we engage, to the language we use, and to the way interviews are conducted, we are always diversity-led in our thinking.

We leverage what we think is an unparalleled range of channels to source potential candidates. Those channels include Females, members of the LGBTQI community, Military Veterans, people with disabilities, Indigenous, mature age candidates, and people from untapped ethnic communities. We’re continually engaging with and updating our lists of relevant online channels and communities.

For a software engineering role for example we would leverage ~76 channels to maximise our reach into diverse communities.