Talent Acquisition Insights

Work with one of Melbourne's leading recruitment agencies.

Perks of Partnering with Crew Talent Advisory

Onsite Recruiter

You get to combine the best of both worlds. We have a dedicated in-house team fully immersed in your business and motivated solely to find you the best talent.

Cost Transparency

We have a transparent monthly plan with no hidden fees, including access to our talent network. You have all of your bases covered when it comes to hiring needs!

Industry Expertise

We make tech hiring easy. Our consultants understand the industry and have access to an incredible talent network, which means you won’t be wasting your time on candidates that don’t meet your criteria!

Strategic Partnership

We are not just going to take your money and run. Instead, we’ll help you with the tactical hires and improve the maturity of your recruitment process, leading to long-term gains for everyone involved.

State of Talent Acquisition 2022

What will the new financial year look like, what factors will affect it, and just what will the market do?