Talent Acquisition Insights

Talent acquisition is an important function for organisations with growth and success on their agenda. But what exactly is talent acquisition and how should the function work?
Incorporating Vervoe’s skills assessment approach into a recruiting process allows today’s recruiters to spend less time on highly repetitive, top-of-funnel activities and more time further down the funnel on the more value and insight-led activities.
Hiring in the B2B SaaS world can be difficult, especially for founders & leaders who want to build teams of highly passionate and creative engineers.
A relatively new concept in business is the idea of a “4 day work week.” While it may seem radical, companies worldwide are beginning to adapt and implement this augmented working schedule and are seeing results. One of those companies is Ippon Australia.
Our Founder, Simon McSorely, recently got to spend some time with Alan Tsen, who is the Deputy Chair of Fintech Australia and an angel investor in the fintech industry, to discuss the global and Australian fintech industry.
At first glance, SEEK's careers pages can seem relatively superficial. But dig a bit deeper and their clean, simple, and uncluttered pages provide a wealth of information and do a good job of making it seem like an inclusive, engaging workplace.

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