Make your hiring better in 2024

Make your hiring better in 2024

2024. It’s here.

Remember how far away that seemed during the dark days of lockdowns? Remember how far away that seemed in early 2023 when the tech wreck was in full swing?

But now it’s here and before you know it we’ll be deep into the BAU and whatever other madness comes our way.

For some this will mean a ramp up in hiring. Time to dust off those old PD’s. Or is it?

You may think your hiring process is fine, you may not. Like most of us you probably think that there’s a few things you can do to improve it.

For anyone leading the recruiting in your business, this is a great time to run a retro with your hiring managers.

It’s something that I dont think gets done nearly enough, but it delivers so much value to the trio of usual suspects (TA Teams, hiring managers and candidates).

Like a lot of things in the TA world, there’s no hard and fast rules, but this kind of format has worked pretty well for me in the past. 


  1. In hindsight, what worked really well for you when hiring last year?

  2. What’s the one thing you’d like the TA team to do more of or improve on this coming year?

  3. What’s the one hiring related thing that you’re going to find the time to do more of or improve on this coming year?

  4. Are there any elements of how we currently hire that you don’t feel add value to you or your team?

  5. Are there any of your team members that will be involved in interviewing this year for the first time? If so, how can we support them?

Imagine a round table workshop with your relevant leadership team, where you all set your plans and agree on some core principles to make how you hire this year better than last year. That could be pretty powerful. 

At the very least, it might surface some unknown bottlenecks to hiring. At the most it will probably get your hiring and talent teams closer than ever, more aligned, which can only have a positive impact on your overall hiring.

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