Recruitment that is;
Best practice.
Safe hands.
Cost effective.
An extension of your team.

Our customers words. Not ours.

The who and why.

Hey there, we’re Crew. Firm believers that you can’t make a great company without great people. We’re a talent consultancy that helps technology-based companies get great(er) by either hiring great people for them or by helping them get better at doing their own recruitment. 

Our expertise lies in delivering outcomes in todays highly competitive, contemporary technology markets. Our typical delivery assignments encompass roles such as Product Management, UX/Product Design, Software Engineering, Data and DevOps.

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Embedded Talent Acquisition

Our people, on-site with you, managing all or part of your hiring process. Tell us where it hurts, we’ll have something for it.

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Individual hiring

When you’re in need of that one special someone, we’re here for you. We deliver great candidate experiences, clear and consistent communication and of course, outcomes. With capability across both permanent and contract roles, we’ve got you covered.

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Talent acquisition audit.

Something’s not working and your metrics like the cost of hire, time to hire and quality of hire aren’t where you’d like them to be. Show us what you’re currently doing, let us stew on it for a while and we’ll give you some actionable insights to get you back on track.

Regardless of your size, we can help.

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You’ve got the great idea, you’ve got the funding and now you need the people. Despite the romanticism, attached to them, StartUps aren’t for everyone. They need a certain type of person, we’ll help you attract and hire them.

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You’ve got market fit, paying customers and now it’s about growth. Now’s the time to add some process and rigour around how you hire because that culture needs to be protected. We’ll make recruitment manageable so you can keep building the things your customers need.

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Technology is constantly evolving. Digital transformation and embracing change can mean introducing new job types, skills and ways of working. We’ll help you embrace the new normal and set you up for success.

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Remote hiring at scale is challenging, so we spoke to someone who’s done it

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