State of Talent Acquisition 2022

No one can deny that the employment market in the technology sector has changed almost beyond recognition when compared to the pre-pandemic times.

But what will the new FY look like, what factors will affect it, and just what will the market do?

Welcome to the first of our Market Insight surveys. What started as an idea a few months ago is now set to become a Crew tradition. We always get asked questions like “What’s the market doing?” or “How do people feel about the market right now?” and we thought some real data around sentiment would be of more value than our normal adjectives.

Join us in anonymously compiling a data set that may give us all some insight and help us better understand the market sentiment and better plan for what will no doubt be another year of challenges and surprises.

For Employers

How has the recent pandemic and the current talent market shaped the way you meet your business challenges?


Talent availability in FY’22.

In our discussions, we’ve been hearing about the impact of the talent shortage on business goals.

We asked: In the last year have you had to change any major business initiatives (such as Internal Projects or Product Launches) due to an inability to hire the required skills in the time frames needed?

1 Talent availability in FY’22

Talent availability in the future.

Some businesses have also changed how they think about their future targets.

We asked: Has the current talent market forced the business to rethink its priorities for the coming year at all?

2 Talent availability in the future

Remote work.

Nothing seems to be dividing opinions more than remote work.

We asked: Has the forced remote work of the last few years impacted on your ability to deliver your business objectives?

3 Remote work

Returning to the office.

There have been several high profile companies demanding a return to the physical office and this has been met with mixed receptions.

We asked: Are you planning on a full or partial mandatory return to the office at all in FY’23.

4 Returning to the office

Business change.

We’ve all been forced to rethink what our objectives are and how we meet them.

We asked: Given the robust nature of the market at the moment, do you feel well prepared to meet your hiring targets in the coming FY?

5 Business change

Expectations of talent.

We regularly hear about roles being re-graded or expectations changing.

We asked: Has your company had to rethink what level of skills are acceptable for roles now? (e.g, Do we think of mid-level engineers differently now than pre-pandemic?)

6 Expectations of talent

Hiring challenges.

The market is throwing up challenges that few of us have experienced before.

We asked: Are your hiring managers’ expectations of the time to hire different now than pre-pandemic?

7 Hiring challenges

Supply vs. Demand

The impact of supply and demand hits the budget in multiple ways.

We asked: Have you had to pay your current staff more in order to achieve parity with your recent hires?

8 Supply vs Demand​

Prioritisation challenges.

Most People teams we speak with had big plans for FY’23.

We asked: Have any of your planned people initiatives (such as D&I) been forced to take a backseat in favour of just getting hires made?

9 Prioritisation challenges

Retention challenges.

Many teams find hiring a huge challenge, but that’s coupled with doubling down on keeping people.

We asked: Does your business have a clear view on how it plans to retain talent in the next FY and has it budgeted for this?

10 Retention challenges

Join us in anonymously compiling employer data

For Employees

How has the sheer number of jobs affected the way you think about employment and assess opportunities?


Too much choice?

Many candidates we speak with tell us about the sheer number of job opportunities coming their way.

We asked: On average how many times per week have you been approached about a new job over the last year?

11 Too much choice

Quality vs. Quantity?

How do you decide if they’re good opportunities to consider?

How much research do you do on a company before applying for or agreeing to talk about a new job?

12 Quality vs Quantity

Does social proof mean anything anymore?

Is the opinion of others a deciding factor when reviewing companies?

We asked: How much do you trust things like Glassdoor reviews and do they impact your decision making?

13 Social Proof

Can money really make you happy?

We’ve all heard of pay rates going up for tech roles, and some people getting big bumps in their salary.

We asked: When you’re considering offers, how big of a factor does the salary play for you?

14 Money Happy

Remote work.

Nothing seems to be dividing opinions more than Remote work.

We asked: How big of a factor is a company’s remote or hybrid work policy when it comes to your decision making?

15 Remote Work

Is remote work right for everyone?

Whilst fully remote work sounds great, does it come with a price and is it worth it?

We asked: 100% remote work options are a hot topic at the moment, but does the benefit of working remotely come with a responsibility for both employer and employee to make it work?

16 Remote for Everyone

Has work become commoditised?

Major layoffs still seem to be happening; some people tell us it makes them nervous about moving jobs.

We asked: Does workplace loyalty still exist?

17 Work commoditised

How often should you change jobs?

Does loyalty flow both ways? Should you feel guilty about moving for a better opportunity?

We asked: LinkedIn data states that the average job tenure in the tech space is 1.6 years, would you consider moving jobs within 2 years if something interesting presented itself?

18 Change Jobs

What about interviewing?

Having more opportunities sounds brilliant but it invariably comes with more interviews.

How many interviews do you think are the right amount for both you and a potential employer to get to know each other?

19 Interviewing

Diversity and Inclusion, is it important to you?

A lot of businesses talk a good game about diversity, but when evaluating offers and job opportunities, is it something you pay attention to?

How important is it to you to know that a potential employer values diversity in its teams?

20 Diversity and Inclusion

Join us in anonymously compiling employee data